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Little Cay and Pinel This area is a bit removed from the hustle and bustle of the island, especially Anse Marcel which is up and over a rather impressive hill. Nonetheless, it is quite close to Orient Beach, regularly featured as one of the ten best beaches in the Caribbean, and next door is Grand Case, the gourmet capital of the Caribbean.

The Radisson in Anse Marcel is being renovated but plans to reopen before the 2011 high season. The hotel and its associated restaurants are currently closed. Nonetheless, there are plenty of places to stay and plenty of restaurants in the area and as the photo on the right shows, one of the prettiest little harbors on the island. That's Little Cay and Pinel, great for laid back sunbathing and snorkeling. Pinel has a ferry to take you over and a couple restaurants to take care of you when you are there.

Sol é Luna and Ti Bouchon are two restaurants in the area that bring in a lot of visitors. Sol é Luna even has a guesthouse. Momo from Ti Bouchon has opened Momovino Bistro across the street for lunch.

Ti Bouchon

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